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The Night Time Fairies

The Night Time Fairies

The Night Time fairies, Stella, Twilight & Sky have redecorated...... Their cousins, Moonbeam and Neptune have been back again visiting and got up to all sorts of mischief, after eating too many jellies.....they splashed red paint and pulled the heads off the flowers.....

We got a lovely letter from Stella  saying she had received the boys and girls little note, explaining that " We  understand you can't be good all the time but it was important to be good most of the time and to respect the environment".... Stella had a chat with Moonbeam and Neptune and they said they will try to be good....for a while anyway!!!..... They are also sending all the boys and girls a surprise to the Wonderland Montessori today and that the boys and girls will have to listen and look carefully for it......

Great excitement...... What could this be?????b2ap3_thumbnail_20150703_121014 The Night Time Fairies - Wonderland Montessori School


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