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Admissions And Enrolment
ECCE Scheme:
This refers to children who are eligible to participate in the Government’s Free Preschool
Years. This scheme covers up to two years of free early education. Children can start preschool in the term after their 3 rd birthday and remain in preschool until the 30 t h June of the year they are commencing in Primary School, provided that by the end of the preschool year (i.e. 30th June), the child will not be older than 5 ½ years. The level of access to the full ‘two-year period’ is ‘date of birth’ dependent and the eligibility is determined by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs [DCYA].

Children can be enrolled into the scheme in September, January and April each year. It should be noted that the service may be over subscribed and may not be able to accept children during all entry periods.

ECCE is an inclusive scheme and welcomes all children regardless of ability. In some cases, parents need to be aware that the participation of their child may require additional resources which will be discussed at time of enrolment.

Criteria for Enrolment:
• Children’s date of birth must fit the eligibility for the scheme as directed by DCYA
• Full time places (5 days) will be given as a priority
• Part time places will be offered if all full time places are not filled

Over Subscription:
• In the event of places being full a waiting list will be kept. In addition, the following will apply when allocating a place.
1. Priority to full time (5 days)
2. Existing Children
3. Siblings

The Manager will advise parents of their child’s place on the waiting list upon request.

• Each year of the two-year scheme is treated completely separately by our service with enrolment required for each year. If your child attends Year 1, you will be required to follow the enrolment criteria agai n for Year 2.

• A place on the ECCE Scheme will only be confirmed when the following is completed:
- an agreement confirming the number of days required and confirmation of the child’s eligibility
- a PIP Registration form (DCYA)
- registration form

• The service cannot ‘hold’ a place until the child becomes eligible. For example, if a child becomes eligible in January, a place will only be available if there is a vacancy.
If parents/guardians want to guarantee a place in January, they may be required to enrol their child in September and pay full commercial fees until the child is eligible in January when the free scheme becomes operational for that child.
If a parent/guardian wishes to increase the number of days their child is attending
the service, thi s will only be possible if there is a vacancy. For example, if your child
is currently attending three days a week [this could be a free or paid place] and you
wish to extend to five days this may not be possible if the service is full.
• All details regard ing a child’s application form must be completed and any relevant
important information or specific diet or health requirements must be noted.
• We reserve the right to terminate our services.
• In the event that we cannot offer your child a place in the servi ce we will endeavour to source other options for you.
• Parents should familiarise themselves with our policies and procedures; they will be reviewed and changed accordingly to regulation and best practice.

It is essential to the efficient running of the service that you inform the Manager if your
child is unable to attend the service and follow up with a telephone call to inform the Manager when the child will be returning. It should be noted that the income received by the service from the DCYA is based on the regular attendance of children. Services are subject to inspection by Pobal on behalf of DCYA. A register of the times and days that children attend is kept. Continued failure to attend may result in your child’s place being withdrawn.


Can’t find answer? Call us at (053) 912 3827